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The gambling in the United States has showed a new dimension by betting on the official authorities. Now, even the officials are bet upon. Yes, the offshore sites in the US are placing the bets upon the right candidate who can fight for the Oval Office in November. The odds makers are quite sure that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are going to lead the race for the same. 

About the Bets

According to the reports of Election Betting Odds website, Donald Trump has been given a 71 percent of winning the Republican nomination. On the other hand, Clinton has a chance of around 87% of making it to the democratic nomination by the site. In fact, she has a 55% chance of winning in the general elections that are going to take place. No doubt, these are the best odds candidates are witnessing in the national political polls. In addition to this, Real Clear Politics makes it clear that Trump leads the Republican field with a percentage of 33.2 and Clinton is at 47.2% while talking about the Democrats. Clinton is almost leading with five points from Bernie Sanders

However, there is a difference between the odds of the casino and polls. Polls possess the opinions and views of the registered voters while casino odds include the instinct of the gamblers. If the casino odds are taken seriously then it is not only Betfair that is showing the strength of Trump. On the other hand, Paddy Power has given an odd of 5/2 to Donald Trump to win the presidency while it gives 8/11 to Clinton, Marco Rubio an odd of 6/1 and Sanders is at the last with the odds at 12/1. To understand these odds in real dollars, betting $100 on Clinton can fetch you a return of $172.73 while betting the same amount on Trump can bring in almost around $350. 

Huge Bets on Clinton 

Another popular site, OddsShark, has indicated that bettors must hold onto their money to bet it upon Clinton. It highlights that the odds for Clinton making it to the Democratic nomination are very overpowering. If you have bet $100 then you have all the chances to earn $10 extra while the same amount of bet on Trump for the republican nomination can get you only $25 extra. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton are supposed to face off each other in the coming November. While talking about their worth of bet today, $100 bet on Clinton can get you around $171.43 maximum and the victory of Trump can turn your $100 into $260


Of course, the betting odds and the expected winnings are not the scientific facts. It is not even close to a foolproof result. However, it is just the perception of different people who are participating in the forums and expressing their views on both the candidates. It is just a sneak peek into the possibility of these two candidates making it to the final ballot. The final verdict is yet to be witnessed. 

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