Sports betting and gambling is a fascinating world, but if you do not know much about it, it can be overwhelming. Many newcomers will not know much about bookies, odds, sportsbooks and even point spreads. It might seem too much to absorb, but over a period of time, once you understand the basics, it is as easy as a breeze. We at have come up with tips, tricks and strategies to get you started with sports betting and gambling.

Sports gambling is believed to have been started by the colonists in the United States. It was also a popular sport in England. Most of the time they wagered on horse racing, cock fighting and more. But eventually it fell prey to fixing and corruption. Then baseball and basketball gained popularity in the 20th century.

Over time, to exact more money from people, bookmakers came up with a system called point spread. The main intention of this kind of system was to balance out the books. With the advent of the television during the 1950s, it became all the more beneficial for the bookies to manage their business. Another technique used by the bookies was the method of totals that is used to enhance betting opportunities. Some of the other techniques used are teasers and parlays.

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