It is often assumed that a lot of people indulge in gambling and play the jackpot. But this statistics is not true anymore. It was recently revealed by Camelot that is the National Lottery operator that people are not betting on jackpot these days. While Camelot may boast of having incurred the maximum number of ticket sales, in reality less and less people are actually playing for the jackpot. In statistics revealed by the Gambling Commission, people over the age of 18 who indulge in gambling have reduced from 46 per cent to a mere 32 per cent. These facts are to be believed as they were released by a respectable agency. The experts from the gambling industry point to a variety of factors. One of the most important ones is the increase in price of the ticket. Earlier it was £1, and now it is £2. The Lotto ticket draw is held two times every week. How it works is that the players select about six numbers from 1 to 59. Some of the other popular games include Thunderball, EuroMillions and Lotto HotPicks.

Some of the other changes made by Camelot have also been criticised a lot by other experts and players. One of the aspects that garnered a lot of criticism was the fact that Camelot has added more numbers, as much as ten, for the players to choose from. This has greatly reduced the chances of winning the jackpot. Now, the odds of winning the jackpot are reduced to 14 million as compared to 45 million. This has also resulted in cutting the payouts. It so happened last week that most of the players did not match all the six numbers, and then all the winnings were shared. Now, this angered all the players a lot, and most of them took to Twitter to vent out their concerns and anger.

In response to that Camelot has said that this move has increased the number of winners drastically. This move has added about 1.8 million more winners in only a week. But one should note that winners are not entitled to only cash prizes, but gifts in terms of free lucky-dip ticket, lucky draw and more. While it cannot be ignored that the sales is increasing, but the number of people who are gambling are reducing. It should also be noted that players gambling in the UK has also fallen overall. Now, only 45 per cent indulged in gambling as compared to 57 per cent in 2012.  

Camelot might face some threat from the Health Lottery as well. It is set up by the owner of Express newspaper Richard Desmond in the year 2011. The ticket prices are as low as £1, and draws are taken out five times in a week. Camelot on the other hand maintains that there hasn’t been any change in the number of players who visit and play with them. A spokesperson said that while some fluctuation happens during shorter intervals of time, on a longer-run basis the players outcome is as high as 70%.

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