In this day and age of the Internet, where you can play casino games for free on the Internet, it takes some innovative techniques for the casino to hold the punters back. Now, most of the casinos are coming up with innovative and fancy techniques to keep all the punters under their grasp by giving them rewards. These awards do not necessarily have to be monetary prizes but can be freebies as well. It was recently reported that a man in his 90s won a lot of freebies by just playing online. He won a vacuum cleaner, Soda stream, garment steamer, picnic blankets and more. But these items might benefit some, for most of the people these items do not mean anything but a pile of waste material. Most of the families plan ways to get rid of all these things.

While some might find these items not worthy to keep it in their house, but for some they become habit to fulfil their daily needs. For example, a regular punter who is addicted to gambling shared his experience and he mentions that he played at a casino in Auckland. The casino used to send him coffee makers, rice cookers and luggage sets almost every week. He was also quoted saying that from $10 worth gifts, he used to get $50 worth vouchers. He also confessed that he was a regular at the VIP section and would visit these junctures when he felt a bit lonely and bored. Now, SkyCity has gone a leap further and have offered a special mug and a plate set to all the punters.

But this is subject to players gambling on Sunday playing between 7am to midnight. One of the punters also mentioned that it is a common habit of humans that when they get something for free, they do not mind getting more of that. Hence, this is what is happening and one of the reasons why gamblers are coming back. In a way, it is designed in a way to make it special for the players. Another punter who wants to be called Ben, says that he would accumulate a lot of freebies such as toasters and more. When that would happen, he would sell them online and make some money so that he could put that in gambling as well.

SkyCity was asked about this tactic and they replied in a statement saying that these tactics were used to encourage more visitors. It is becoming a topic of great worry as many casinos are adopting this technique to keep the gamblers on their website. A series of steps might be taken in the future to put a stop to these activities as this is a clear way to keep addicted gamblers in their grasp. However there are certain concerns that one has to deal with. One of them is that nobody can determine the number of gamblers in the VIP sections and how much they are receiving on a weekly basis.

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