The year 2016 is sure to be a boon for Nevada Sports books, as it has had a solid start. According to the news of Legal Sports Report, it has set a record for most of the bettors taken on sports betting. No doubt, Sports book took in more money but it won at a much lower rate. On the other hand, according to Covers, the most popular sports gambling information site has made it cleared that the state has handled almost around $448 million in bets in the month of January. The winning amount of the books has fallen to almost 3 percent as compared to the last January, as the total was just $19.6 million. 

Status of Gambling in the USA

It is true that the sports books in Nevada made much less money as compared with January but the increase in the trend of gaming is significant. While talking about the total revenue from all forms of data, it has almost fallen to 2.87 percent while comparing it with the results of the previous year 2015. When it comes to Vegas, they did an outstanding job in the playoffs of National Football League and NBA basketball in the month of January. It won around $8.2 million in football and $10.2 million in basketball. According to the news, the month of February can also prove to be very fruitful for the sports books in Nevada, as they have taken a record amount of bets for Super Bowl and have made almost around $13.3 million. 

About New Jersey’s Fight

The entire wager amounts of Nevada have risen amid the New Jersey’s fight to legalize sports betting in the state. Last week, the same issue had an appeal hearing in the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia. The news highlighted that this battle would go in vain for New Jersey. In addition to this, the conversation regarding the legalization or regulation of sports gambling has grown in the state. While talking about the present status, only a few forms of sports wagering is authorized in four states namely Oregon, Nevada, Montana and Delaware. 

Without a doubt, Nevada is considered the major hub for sports gambling out of all these four states. The state accepted a record-breaking wager of $4.2 billion in the year 2015. However, the New York Times has made it clear that around $400 billion is actually gambled on sports illegally. Further, the Commissioner of NBA, Adam Silver is in full support of the legalization of the sports gambling all across the nation. In response to this action, the critics have highlighted the expected increase in the problem gamblers and more open opportunities for all the game-fixers. 

Silver has also added that Congress should adopt a federal framework in order to legalize the betting on professional sports. The entire framework must include strict technological safeguards for the bettors and other regulatory requirements. Therefore, these arguments are sure to have an impact on the legalization of the sports gambling. 

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