Perhaps, it was very surprising to see that first US Democratic presidential debate was held at the Wynn Las Vegas, the flagship property of Steve Wynn. Wynn is a business executive who made news with his criticisms of the present President, Barack Obama. The criticism increased to a level at where it extended to economy and even healthcare. 

In addition to this, the American Gaming Association is giving all its importance to gambling pre-election. The association has been into taking an initiative in aggregation of the presidential campaign. The gaming votes expect the White House candidates to comprehend the role of gambling. It is offering jobs to the middle class and is driving economic growth.

A Letter by the President and CEO 

Geoff Freeman, the CEO and president of AGA has written a letter to all the candidates. In the letter, he has encouraged all to support gambling. Further, he calls Nevada as the ‘important battleground state’ and ask the candidates to learn about the casino gaming and its increasing role in the state’s revenue. The online casino gaming has contributed with almost around 425,000 jobs in the state and around $8 billion in the taxes. No doubt, such an industry must be given its due importance and must not be underestimated. The recipients of this letter are given an advice to have a word with elected Nevada officials and meet with all the concerned people including casinos and suppliers that can benefit the industry directly. 

However, the entire emphasis is not only on the state of Nevada. It is because the gaming association called Congressman Scott Tipton, Senator Cory Gardner and other Denver community leaders and testing engineers at Gaming Laboratories International in Wheat Ridge, Colorado. They were called for a round table discussion and to take the entire tour of the lab. Freeman mentioned that he is a nationwide economic engine that can provide high-paying jobs to the residents of Colorado. It is true that that most of the Coloradans hardly see casinos each day but the fact remains the same that the industry has made major contributions to the state. 

The Issues 

The media reports highlight the argument between Bush and Trump regarding the casino gambling Florida. It is clear that Trump did not appeal directly to the state. However, some evidences show that he actually pursued a deal to operate casinos on Seminole land in Florida. In addition, he also offered the money to Bush during his 1998 race for governor. Thus, both of them expressed their views and held their ground.  

While talking about the investors, the big question is that who is actually going to receive the support of billionaire, Sheldon Adelson. The billionaire is known to have ploughed around $150 million in the elections of 2012, which shows he is a strong personality and can make a big influence with his support. At the end, it can be said that the White House is attempting to encourage the gambling industry for the overall profit of the nation.

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